About the hosting publications

Buy-Side Technology is the only stand alone publication that focuses on business and technology issues facing buy-side executives; no other publication covers technology for investment managers in as much detail. With an experienced and dedicated editorial team we have extensive market access and knowledge. The content goes beyond the algorithmic space to cover less hyped and equally critical issues surrounding pricing, analytics, performance measurement, settlement and the use of technology as a competitive advantage.

Dealing with Technology is a global weekly news service that delivers up-to-date news, analysis and reports on how the world’s sell-side financial trading markets are leveraging the latest IT innovations, plus the key technology issues from the major financial centers. Each issue reports on user firms and their implementations of new systems and third-party products as well as in-depth reporting on how they’re staying ahead of the competition via their IT strategies. Plus the latest on trade-critical IT functions, emerging technologies, the individuals pushing for change and the strategies that IT professionals need to stay ahead of the curve. No other publication drills down in as much detail – enabling you to quickly locate the key information that is relevant to you.