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Best Execution USA addresses the principal issues at the forefront of electronic trading by bringing you the latest developments, strategies and initiatives in this field. With new law, impending regulation and technology coming together in unprecedented ways to effect trading and market structure there has never been a greater need to understand the potential direction of financial markets.

Best Execution USA gathers leading trading professionals to discuss and assess how best to achieve optimal trade execution. It provides a focus on the hottest technologies available and concentrates on the key challenges and opportunities that buy side firms are facing, including, the implementation of algorithmic trading strategies, staying competitive in the high-frequency trading space and ensuring effective liquidity access.

This event is the place for Heads of Electronic Trading, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers and Global Heads of Technology, to meet and debate optimal practices. Best Execution USA 2010 will build on the success of Best Execution USA 2009 by presenting a distinguished platform of practitioners providing practical solutions on how best to achieve trade execution.

Best Execution Photos

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